Hey you guys!! It’s crazy how fast a week will fly by, but during the week it feels like it’s creeping. I swear I blink and the weekend is gone! Anyway, I’m going to do my first recap revisiting my past week and plan to do one of these each week here after! I hope you guys had a good solid week and hope to hear about it in the comments! 😉 I have been meaning to blog during the week, but I’ve been doing little touch ups here and there and participating more in the blog scene, so honestly, I ran out of time. But, I’m going to work on managing time more in the next weeks to come and post more frequently during the week as I get a feel for how my schedule will be. I will always return comments, by the way! I’m so happy to be back blogging. I forgot how good it feels. 🙂

Moving on (I ramble too much!)…

Weight Loss Progress

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After elliptical

On my weight loss journey, I’m up just a little from the last post, but I’m pulling back and feeling good about the week to come. I can say that I haven’t just binged out this week. I haven’t made the best choices which is why I’m up, but I’m proud to say I haven’t over engorged myself to the point of feeling sick, which I’m embarrassed to say I have done a lot in the past. I made time to workout once this week, which I know isn’t much, but I did something! I actually did two short workouts in one day, I believe it was Thursday. I work at a gym so I stayed after my shift and did 30 minutes of cardio on the elliptical. When I got home I did a 30 min HIIT workout from a YouTube video that I will share later because I really loved it and think some of you guys might enjoy it as well. It’s only 30 minutes, but I’m STILL sore today after completing it – given I haven’t worked out in a while so you may not be as sore. 😉 I didn’t push quite as hard, really paced myself hoping I wouldn’t end up this sore, but it happened and it’s okay. It’s easier to move around today than it was yesterday. Oh boy, that second day soreness is rough!


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After YouTube workout

Received My Revive VoxBox From Influenster!

Disclaimer: The thoughts and opinions below are mine, I try to be as unbiased as possible, this is not a paid post. I am sent items from Influenster to review, no compensation other than the product itself.

VitaminShoppe Sample

I was sent a sample pack of protein powder from Influenster by The Vitamin Shoppe (If you’re interested in receiving free full size products to review then SIGN UP HERE.) This was a Next Step Fit N’ Full Shake in Cookies and Cream flavor. Overall it was okay tasting, I definitely should have doctored it up a little more because I’m not a fan of that protein taste, if you know what I mean? I did receive this nifty blender body from Body Tech that I love! I think had I added peanut butter or some kind of pudding pack to the protein along with Monin syrup to sweeten it would have tasted much better. I personally couldn’t really taste the cookies and cream flavor, but maybe that’s just me? I have 2 more protein powder to review, so look for those this coming week!

What’s your favorite protein powder?

Please let me know in the comments! I’m always searching for the perfect one that tastes great and keeps me full!

The Rest of My Week

The rest of my week was fairly uneventful given I’ve been battling sinus issues accompanied by an earache and sore throat. Yay me, right?! No. I feel like I have slept SO much this week just because I have felt zapped of energy. I’m thinking due to the sinus issues. I haven’t gotten a fever, thankfully. Just pain and weakness. I feel like it’s finally trying to pass, but the sore throat seems to be the last thing that’s going to go.

Anyway, I hope you all have a splendid week and hope to hear from you guys in the comments! 🙂



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One thought on “Recap: Revisiting This Past Week

  1. I love that you’re still going strong on your health and fitness journey. Even though I’m preggo, I’m trying to do the same. Obviously the weight gain part is inevitable, but I’ve been continuing to work out throughout (I’m 6 months along now) and am being mindful. It’s quite a journey. And you’re right, it’s something that never stops! We always have to take care of ourselves. As for Protein powder, my favorite is Vega in Chocolate. It’s vegan and delicious!

    Posted on Thursday, August 18th, 2016 at 9:45 am